Eagles Should be a Destination

A team of faith. Regardless of your religious beliefs, who wouldn’t want to go to battle with a team of smart, well mannered bruisers. This run the Eagles are on seems to be something special and win or lose I believe Philadelphia is now a football destination among the elite looking for work. Carson Wentz seems to be something special, top five quarter back special to be exact, and when you have a top five QB you become a beacon for those hoping to win. What I think is most impressive though; it’s not just Wentz who has the ability to attract top talent. It’s the culture that’s evolved over the course of the season. It’s more than “next man up” it was more a “next man is just as good, but dudes with easier names to pronounce started” mentality. I know that’s not actually the case but Peters comes before Vaitai and Carson comes before Nick. Fact is, this team has fun and wins. There’s no rigid mentality, there’s no “on to Cincinnati” mentality. There’s no it’s Tuesday so we can’t talk about Sunday mentality. It’s just a “why not us mentality.” Why not a team that subs in defensemen like the Broad Street bullies. Why not a team with the grit of Utley and the ’08 Phillies, why not a team with the talent of the ’83 Sixers and why not a team that has as much fun as the ’93 Phillies. Let’s. Fucking. Go.


The Dallas Cowboys Scare the Shit Out of Me (not really) 

 Dallas Cowboys Scare the Shit Out of Me (Not Really) 
          I know we’re all Hugh and mighty after week nine and the Eagles’ 8-1 start but on the other side of this bye week we have Dallas. We are going to Dallas and I am not sure what to expect. Are we going to face Zeke Elliot or not? Will Dak still be playing at a high level? Are wins after a bye week something that Andy Reid past down to Doug Pederson? These are the questions we do not have answers for yet. I know last year we had a bye week right after beating the breaks off of a respected AFC team and proceeded to come out flat. (We also didn’t have the services of Lane Johnson)
        Whether or not Zeke plays is a huge deal (obviously) the Cowboys are a completely different when he doesn’t play and Dak has to do more. Dak hasn’t had to do much without Zeke yet in his career but I’m almost certain he would be “nearly shitty.” I also refuse to get beat by Cole fucking Beasly this year. I’m pretty positive that asshole gets to home games in a Mazda Miata or on a dirt bike. I know our secondary hasn’t been setting the world on fire but with Darby likely making his return I feel confident can bend and not break against Dallas’ receivers. That being said Dallas hasn’t gotten too high in wins nor too low in adversity. I have a feeling they will look ahead to the home game against Philly and get their ass whooped in Atlanta. So they will be looking for a bounce back game and to take it out on the Eagles. The thing is. They won’t be able to. We contain the run and unlike in years past we actually get to the quarterback. I think the Eagles win a good game 34-27 and Merrill Reese will sing the fight song all the way home to the Linc as the Birds get one win closer to a playoff birth. 

The Flyers Suck 

The Flyers suck…. Wow. That felt good to get off my chest. The Flyers suck. It pains me to say but the Flyers just aren’t good. Which sucks because they have really likable players with really cool nicknames; Simmer, Jake, “G,” Ghost so on and so forth. Simmons is starting to really stake his claim as this generation of Flyers’ Rod Brind’amour and it has nothing to do with his number and everything to do with his play and work ethic. Wayne Simmons should be the captain of the Flyers. A position that should have never been handed to Claude Giroux. Giroux is a great hockey player but he has a lot to be desired as a leader. I realize he was not given the keys to a Ferrari but maybe the keys to another nice, fully loaded Italian Sports car like a Fiat…. no matter what the car equivalent is. Claude forgot to change the oil and fill up the tank. Giroux is a great player when he has a big brother on the ice. Scott Hartnell would have been that great big brother and should have been given the “C” over Giroux but instead “Hartzy” was shipped off to Columbus Ohio, a fate he never deserved, simply because the old regime thought Claude Giroux reminded them of Bobby Clarke. Instead Giroux has been the best sparkler you ever saw without something to light it. 

Chip’s New Dip 

     The ending of a relationship is a weird thing. No matter how pleasant or tumultuous there’s always this passive aggressive animosity towards the other person. You don’t want any harm to come of them but you do not necessarily want to see them do well either. I think I have reached a phase with Chip Kelly where I really don’t want to see him do well. The two win one year stand he just had with San Francisco was fantastic! But for some reason Chip Kelly news will always be Eagles’ news. Like we are somewhat responsible for any future performance because we were his gateway drug into the NFL.         So I think it’s only a matter of time before Chip becomes an offensive coordinator for a high profile team such as the Patriots or go back to the college ranks as one of Nick Saban’s high profile puppets. This scares the shit out of me because I think he will do really well as an OC. He will have all of the “genius” without all the nonsense. If Chip gets the urge to go three and out after his defense just gave up a long touch down drive. He will have someone above him to cold cock him back into common sense. Chip Kelly not having the final say in things makes a lot of sense for a team. I’m not saying I’m going to be jealous of a team that signs him. But I’m not saying I’m not going to be jealous either. Only time will tell but Chip may find his dip as an OC and it will likely end with a Championship too.